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Tolerance is in its Utmost Maintaenance in Indian's ,so this Debate on Intolerance itself a meaning less and it looks like a cheap way of gaining advertisement!!!????. Aamir Khan Joins Intolerance Debate : The Newshour Debate (24th Nov 2015)

Aamir Khan Joins Intolerance Debate : The Newshour Debate (24th
Nov 2015)

At the time of Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi Death we did not had B J P
Government by Mr.Modi  but we had Congress Government.


what is the Hidden secret in this Top firing issue of my Nation India. ?All the leaders /Rulers of this world and people visit Gandhiji Samadhi as a First Respect to India But No one ask about why the Blood relatives or family Members not allowed to Live in India and or why they are living at South Africa? being the Legal Heirs of Father Of Our Nation India?

May I request BBc Hard Talk or haveyoursay may arrange to get answer to my doubt’s given below!?.

Recently  His great Grand son RajMohan Gandhi is working as Governor in India

British Government and its Governor's and Viceroy's know well that many Leaders worked under Mahatma gandhiji in Freedom Struggle,and how Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Jinnah were elevated as Prime Ministers of Divided India?

who was the man/team of people behind this division?

why Jinnah suddenly made his Religious social League as a Political Party?

Internet reveals all family Relatives or legal Heirs of Mahatma Gandhiji ,But not Living in India,why?

who was the real criminal assassinated Mahatma Gandhi  brutally immediately after the Independence (that is with in 6 month period)?

15th August 1947 Independence and on 30th January 1948 Gandhiji shot dead,who was behind this brutal Planning?
And with in 6 months Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was dead. how this has happened? 

At the time of freedom struggle or fight/war in India Many Number protester's were killed ,many Number of Protester's made to face huge painful punishment's (for example Chekizutha semmal shiva and many others were forced to do the crushing the oil from crushing Machines and they were died as cruel killing,and Kodi Katha Kumaran and others were killed are the very painful data/stories/history in Freedom struggle. 

In This connection Surprising Matter striking to my mind is ,

we People are informed that   Mahatma Gandhi saw a Farmer near Madurai with only one Dhoti that also in shabby condition ,made/changed  his mind to take a sudden decision on which Gandhi   used wear only Dhoti and avoided Formal wear like coats/shirt and others.  But at the same time when many People and leaders from different places of the Nation who participated in freedom Struggle were given Death Punishment's and Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru were arrange  kept in safe custody in Imprisonment by the than British Government ruled India,Why Mahatma Gandhi not hesitated this style of Action immediately?

After the death of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel the only remained person was Mr Morarji Desai ,who was accompanied in all Meetings as Congress man in Anand Bhavan,Delhi was not revealed any thing on these !suddenly he formed a political party  that is Janata Party and had a Himalayan Victory against Indira Congress of that time in India!He was a good administrator but not revealed any thing why? 

Why and who was behind the death of Mr.Lal Bahadur sasthri at Tashkent in Russia? after Mr.Lal Bhadur sasthri , all other Freedom Fighters who lived after Independence were not given importance,why? 


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Diwali Greetings!

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Prime Minister's Office

Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 1:31 PM

Happy Diwali! May this festival brighten your life with happiness, prosperity & success.
After Diwali I commence my UK visit, aimed at strengthening India's economic cooperation with UK and inviting investors to 'Make in India.'
In the midst of the festive atmosphere, it would be great if you share ideas and inputs for the visit as well as the community programme at Wembley Stadium. The Mobile App is the ideal way to do so.
Keep the contributions coming.
Narendra Modi

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

UK PM David Cameron to Welcome Narendra Modi

Anti Wapsi League Grows : The Newshour Debate (3rd November 2015)

L K Advani and Manohar Joshi Question Narendra Modi Over Bihar Loss

Mr.Narendra Modi -our Prime Minister is not thinking about the living of People in Middle class and in poor .

And in my humble way ,I strongly Recommend that Mr.Amit shah must step down from BJP President Position.
like Mr.Nitin Gadkari who own four tollgate ownership said by
Federation of Automobile association while they were on strike recently.
the truthfulness in this has to be investigated and also this is the
time dig about other Politician's ownership of Tollgates in the country
has to be brought in to the Notice of People of India.
and Supreme Court has to confirm and or clarify whether a Minister as a
Government Servant get paid all benefits from the Government as a
parliamentarian is allowed operate other Business or directly or
indirectly engage themselves in few other Business as per the constitution of India.
If operating other business while engaged himself or herself as a M.P. or Minister in Office in the said term.
Supreme court Justice need to clarify this to people of India is my Humble Request.Please. and

FM Arun Jaitely Briefs On FDI Push


Mr.arun Jaitely is rightly said, but at the same time Mr.Arun Jaitely must initiate to say to Mr.Modi to think about that people like me in Middle class and poor.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

BLOGGERWORLD: Police & Secret Service escorting Michelle Obama i...

BLOGGERWORLD: Police & Secret Service escorting Michelle Obama i...

BLOGGERWORLD: Frankly Speaking With Amit Shah | Full Interview

BLOGGERWORLD: Frankly Speaking With Amit Shah | Full Interview: Frankly speaking in my view Mr.Amit shah is not a right Leader to lead BJP as its Party President,so With the present tenure ends Mr.Amitsh...

I Love Prime Minister Narendra Modi : Anupam Kher

Mr.Anupam Kher ,for your Kind information not only 125 plus crores of Indians but the People in the world Love Mr.Modi more than any thing else is the truth. so that today Mr.Modi is on 10th Position in the list of Admirable Leaders of the World.

But at the same time People like me in Middle Class segment and people in Poor were not Happy due to ,still this community is uncovered on economical grounds by BJP administration is the painful truth.

good regards to Times now and Anupam Kher.

Slipper Thrown At Former NSA MK Narayanan in Chennai

Slipper throwing has become a fashion in the recent  decades in countries. This act will not bring any justice but a cheep popularity to such bad person who spoil the Value of the Nation. 

 Hear we must remember one thing . for sending IPKF from India to Sri Lanka to Pacify both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan Government was a move by Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv gandhi. 

Late Prime Minister Mr.Rajiv gandhi was brutally killed by Tamil Militant Group LTTE persons was the record. India as a country still maintain peace and patience on Sri Lankan Government and Tamils in Sri Lanka. In Fact Government of India and Political parties in India started serving help to Tamil People  after Genocide. 

In Fact after Genocide Mr.Mahinda Rajpakse worked in Election Campaign as a common Man and Sri Lanka did not found any Brutal acts or savage acts from India in any manner against Him. 

This is enough once again India established that India is a Country working for Love and Peace in the world. But a Small Country Sri Lanka could not to do similar is really painful to Humane.

Chhota Rajan Arrested, Dawood Ibrahim Next? : The Newshour Debate (26th ...

Now Mr.Chota Rajan has to reveal the Politician's Name and actions with him ,and how he could grow to such a big criminal level who all behind him in promoting him must be brought to the kinowledge of the people of India!!!?.

Frankly Speaking With Amit Shah | Full Interview

Frankly speaking in my view Mr.Amit shah is not a right Leader to lead BJP as its Party President,so With the present tenure ends Mr.Amitshah must step down to allow other young and energetic BJP Leader's to work very well. This is a need and my strong recommendation.

 as BJP President when Federation of Lorry Transport in India did strike were informing that Mr.Nitin Gadkari is the owner of 4 Tollgates in Press and Media Mr.Amit shah must reacted to know the Truth in the Matter/information . also As BJP President he could have released that who all the Politician's in India own Tollgate owner ship must have been listed and must have been brought to the information of people of India who believe BJP Government by mr.Modi!!!. 

In TAMIL NADU Many good educated politician's in BJP EXISTS. WHY AS A PARTY POLICY indulging Mr.Muralidhar Rao  to Politics of Tamil Nadu to develop BJP and promote policies of BJP. this is a wrong move !. Person of a State can be a well Learned to rule the state Politics and should not be a Person from Andhra to Tamil Nadu to operate BJP and Person from Tamil Nadu Mr.L.Ganesan to Kerala and Karnataka!!. for this wrong act Mr.Amit shah to retire from BJP President Position!. yes.This is my recommendation.

To Lead 125 crore people BJP must allow educated and energetic person to lead instead of a person who is a friend to Mr.Modi!!!? is my strong recommendation. If RSS continue to allow Mr.Amit shah for the next term to lead the Party as President than it would be a foolish Move by RSS!!!!

B J P must aim to show the Congress and its Original leaders who all worked in Freedom struggle!.BJP must not work behind the door to safe guard Nehru Family People and must not try to establish are the Only Leaders to lead Congress .

Mahatma Gandhi  could have called the attention of Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari of that time to Oppose the Division of India arranged by Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Mohammed Ali jinnah. If Gandhi Called than that could have been a real revolution in India in freedom Struggle. Why to allow British Government to Divide India?

Just because Mr.Mohammed Ali Jinnah arranged the First Stage arrangement's to Welcome and receive Mr.Mahatma Gandhi while LANDING IN INIDA FROM SOUTH AFRICA?after this Mr.Jinnah sincerely worked in Congress and Muslim League headed by him was a movement and suddenly in 1947 it was tuned and changed as a Political Move divided India,why?. why Mahatma Gandhi allowed this is still in doubt? what Pressure made Mahatma Gandhi not to allow any of his family relatives /blood relatives to live in India ?This question is still unanswered by any Politician of this world

Alright ,why the world leaders and Press and Media this include's which put's the news first ,why not objected when Mrs.Indira Priya Dharshini ,only daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru has been repeatedly told/informed in press and media as Indira "Gandhi". This is a wrong Move to exploited Indians is a truth

Above all ,when Press and Media started referring  Mrs.Indira "Gandhi" as "Mrs.Gandhi "in Head Lines in all News till she lived was a wrong Note exploited People of the World. Why including BBC.Com not discussed or had a hard talk on this? Mrs.Kasthuri Bhai Gandhi  being the wife of Mahatma Gandhi should have been referred as Mrs.Gandhi as the ultimate right.."Mrs.Gandhi " as Title used by Press and Media of that time to refer Mrs.Indira Priya darshini /Mrs.Indira Gandi (gandi is a Persian community in Persia and Gandhi is a Community is a community at Gujarat.) was a clear exploitation to the Human world. This show's Human ethics dead!!!?.

In My belief Mr.Amit shah good enough to BJP and  not to its commitment's in 2014 General election's. 

Award returning is not a right process by educated ,Those awards were awarded to them by Congress and if they like to return let them and it is a shame to Congress first than to India,and in ultimate they are not interested in Values of India in the world. This act of returning awards can not be treated as a mistake by BJP Government is my view.  
If they think that BJP is not working on the right path than let them use their pen which is a strong weapon to demolish the image of BJP in INDIA IS RIGHT IS MY OPINION.

OBAMA WALKS to STARBUCKS - Wonders Why Nobody On The Streets - Shameful to Democracy and its values!

OBAMA WALKS to STARBUCKS - Wonders Why Nobody On The Streets ..!!!!Oh!!! in my view this denotes Democracy has No Values and it is not working Properly. Shameful to Democracy and its values in its real meaning in the World is my Opinion. Regards. j.k.Sundararajan

United States President Obama's Presidential Motorcade With U.S. Secret ...

Police & Secret Service escorting Michelle Obama in London

Police & Secret Service escorting Michelle Obama in London

Queen Elizabeth II arrives in Berlin on state visit

Queen Elizabeth II and Enormous Escort Entourage on a cleared Highway at...

Documentary 2015 | Queen Elizabeth II - One of The World's Most Influent...

The Queen Opens British Parliament Pageantry 2015

The Queen Opens British Parliament Pageantry 2015

Queen becomes the UK’s longest-serving monarch

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, on ISIS and extradition

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, on ISIS and extradition

American Volkswagen owners angry over diesel emissions scam

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Chhota Rajan Arrested, Dawood Ibrahim Next? : The Newshour Debate (26th October 2015)

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