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BLOGGERWORLD: Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretar...

BLOGGERWORLD: Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretar...: Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretary General - my Humble view and request to your good office! India is with high values o...

Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretary General - my Humble view and request to your good office!

Respected United Nations and Mr.Bankimoon secretary General - my Humble view and request to your good office!

India is with high values on Humane and Living with cultural heritages which has been endorsed by all Nation in different important time's. 

In Sri Lanka where Tamil Language speaking People were killed and termed as "Genocide".

Before to this LTTE was a Group handled many actions for Tamil Freedom  on following Violent actions.  

we all Know that few years back  LTTE Leader Mr.Prabakharan was killed in a war in Sri Lanka .
But at the same time Prabakharan son was in Young age was also brutally Killed was identified and People across the world shed tears on humanity but definitely not on any type attachment on LTTE is also True.

 Mrs.Navaneetham Pillai represented a Team from U N O to Sri Lanka and investigated the massacres and confirmed the Genocide was well known to our World.

Here As a Indian and Human I wish to say few words. When Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi Ex-Prime Minister of India sent IPKF that was Indian Peace Keeping Force to Sri Lanka to Help and support Both Tamil Speaking People Front's,Teams, and Sri Lankan Government.
Due to some unknown reason one among the Tamil Speaking people (LTTE)  killed an Young and Dynamic Prime Minister of India Late Mr.Rajiv Gandhi on Indian Soil Brutally killed was well KNown to all on the Earth
still few criminals caught on the incident and investigation  were in Indian Prison's.
But, at all course of action's India and its Politician's could not trace or identify the location of Revolutionary and violent  LTTE  Leader or its people is also known to people on earth. 

Sri Lankan Government was also did not asked India to help to catch LTTE Leader Prabakharan or the whole group is also a truth.

Norway, a country in the world instituted "Peace Award "which sent few group of people to dialogue with LTTE and with its Leader ,and their by/ from that  Sri Lankan Government enabled itself to identifying  the secret Hided  places of  LTTE And its Leader Prabakharan and at last Killed him was a well known Truth
Above to this, after Peace Negotiating Team of Norway failed to establish Peace pact between Sri Lankan Government by Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse and LTTE. But These Peace Negotiations which helped Sri Lankan Government to collapse the LTTE completely along with its Leader killed was a known truth in the History.
But on this attempt Many innocent Tamil Language speaking People were killed by the army of Sri Lanka on the order issued by Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse Government.

In This a surprising was Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse who did tour in the recent Election as an Ordinary Citizen or Ex President of Sri Lanka. But Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse did not had any type of trouble in that Political Tour recently held was well witnessed by people on the Earth. so This Confirmed that People in the Name of LTTE  a Revolutionary group with Violent actions was wiped out completely in Sri Lanka in surviving  innocent Tamil (Children)People . If the remaining surviving Tamil Speaking People are not innocent than by this time in that election Tour Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse life would faced a risk is also a Normal Human thought.

So I Humbly Request UNO and its General Secretary to arrange a Team or forum from International Court of Justice at Hague  to Handle this Genocide issue. That will only can offer right Justice for the issue. 
I Strongly object the arrangement of United States  and its President Mr.Barack Obama in this issue/Regard!
As told by Mr.Pope Francis in United States Congress few days Back, this Genocide issue must be handled on Humane Principles

I Hope U N O and International Court of Justice will agree and accept my Humble Human appeal.

Pope Francis holds final Mass of US trip

Pope Francis holds final Mass of US trip

9 hours ago

Pope Francis has begun the final Mass of his nine-day trip to the US and Cuba at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia.

Earlier, he met prisoners from Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility.
The Pontiff also spoke to survivors of child sexual abuse and promised to hold accountable those responsible for the scandal in the Church.
Caroline Wyatt reports.


Supermoon turns red as it coincides with total lunar eclipse

Supermoon turns red as it coincides with total lunar eclipse.

27 September 2015 Last updated at 18:59 BST
The moon is going to turn a rusty shade of red and appear larger than usual in the early hours of the morning of 28 September.
This is because there is a total lunar eclipse at the same time as a supermoon.
Daniel Boettcher reports.

BBC News Magazine

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Generate an automatic Ban on Terrorism and Corruption's - U N O and all Government and or Ruler's has to come forward to react to work on this immediately !

 Top 10 quotes of Narendra Modi at San Jose - why Mr.Narendra Modi stopped that Promoting People participating service  in by BJP? is a surprise to me!!!!!.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday addressed the Indian diaspora in San Jose, California's SAP Centre.

In My View it  was not like Madison square gathering or Function!!!. all right.


  1. Today in the entire world India has a new identity, a new image. The old image has been forced down, and there is a reason.
  2. Who brought this change? This change was not by brought by any Modi, but by the 125 crore Indians
  3. We would hear- we need to stop this brain drain. But India is Bahuratna Vasundhara, there will be many brains there.
  4. It is often asked, who does the 21st century belong to. Everyone agrees its Asia's. For the first time they don't say that but say its India's.
  5. India is only nation which succeeded in its 'Mars orbiter mission' in just one attempt,look at commitment and capability of nation.
  6. 'J' stands for Jandhan account, 'A' stands for 'Adhaar card' and 'M' stands for 'Mobile governance'.
  7. Terror and global warming are two pressing issues the world faces. We need to mitigate these two menaces.
  8. We cannot protect humanity by saying 'good terrorism' 'bad terrorism'.
  9. E-Governance is easy, effective and economical governance.
  10. A direct flight between Delhi and San Francisco three times a week.
    My View:-J.K.Sundararajan -
    'J' 'A' 'M' - this wording talk is not right why because 'J','A','M' are separate matters to dealt with while analyzing its benefits in India. 
    I Hope this JAM does not mean , IS ON jam.either blocked in jam and could not work temporarily or food item eating with bread. 

    Jandhan is the best scheme which pulled all People  living in all areas and environment's towards learning and working with Banking. This is very good by Mr. Modi.
    while Talking about Aadhar and Mobile Governance ,I wish to say that these were not allowed properly to function is the right message from my point. 
    Aadhar Card merging with Voter Id Card was also stopped temporarily ,why? 

    spending for "Population Number Account" on Every Term can be avoided. This also an expense from Revenue received from People.
    Police ,Army,Navy,Air force are to be termed as 2 wings of Defense in a Nation is  Must.

LIVE - UN General Assembly debate - Starts at 09:00 Monday 28 September...

Kabaali Director Stunned on Rajini's Power

Rajini's Enthiran-2 Pre-production Started

Reason for Vedalam title | Ajith's Thala 56 film title confirmed, Thala ...

Ajith's Vedalam Intro Song Goes Viral | Thala 56 aka Vedhalam

Rajinikanth's KABALI First Look Trailer Official

Rajinikanth Kabali photoshoot images leaked - Tv9

Sound of Sun recorded by NASA resemble Hindu mantra AUM

NASA Sound of the Sun Miracle

Things on Earth started moving safely and smoothly in the issue of immigrants or refugees. After all Refugees arrived it will become very easy for I S Terrorists to make or keep alone living in Middle east countries. so that's all. All Nations in united will threat or vanish or eradicate Terrorists in few hours using Nuclear Arms is Going to be witnessed by us is the near Future. 

BLOGGERWORLD: Renault Kwid - First Drive Review (India)

BLOGGERWORLD: Renault Kwid - First Drive Review (India)

BLOGGERWORLD: Bajaj Qute Quadricycle Launched at Rs 1.32 lakh

BLOGGERWORLD: Bajaj Qute Quadricycle Launched at Rs 1.32 lakh

Renault Kwid - First Drive Review (India)

Bajaj Qute Quadricycle Launched at Rs 1.32 lakh

What is special on this 17th Birth Day of Google? Exclusive special Greetings from 125 Billion's/crore plus people of India in Person!


Google- Happy Birth Day - 17th Birth Day !!!!!!.
Today Google Celebrating it's 17th Birth day. I wish Google for many more Happy returns of the day

What is special on this 17th Birth Day of Google?
Exclusive special Greetings from 125 Billion's/crore plus people of India in Person! 
awesome! Now you are interested to know the Indian Human greeting Google on this auspicious Day is None other Than Indian Representative / Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi Greeting Google at at United States by this time.

Oh! this is great to Indian's !. Good Luck and Good wishes!
Regards. with Love j.k.sundararajan  Visit these blogs to read More and More on this!!!!!!!!!.,BLOGGERWORLD ,,


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Delivers Historic Speech b...

BLOGGERWORLD: Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Deli...

BLOGGERWORLD: Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Deli...: "Pope Francis said ,that he is a son of the continent,It is wrong my humble request to Pope Francis is ,He must ,Please ,to say that ...

Pope Francis FULL SPEECH to US Congress: Pope Delivers Historic Speech b...

"Pope Francis said ,that he is a son of the continent,It is wrong my humble request to Pope Francis is ,He must ,Please ,to say that He is a son of the Earth! "

While Pope Addressing congress Today ,America and and Congress senate Proved once again that America is a Land Mark for Professionalism and American's are first in Line in exhibiting the Respects to Elders  by standing Position when Pope said many Valuable words on How  Human Relation's to be?.

Pope Francis Repeatedly remembered and respected the streamline well designed from the beginning in Administration by Mr.Abraham Lincoln 


Repeatedly respected the ethics in the Principles Designed by Mr.Martin Luther King.

These are extremely great.

Also Pope requested People on earth must give ways and means in help and support to immigrants.

Few days back Europe Union granted this Favour to Immigrants from Syria and others and Europe Union confirmed once again that Humanity not Exhausted on the Earth.Thanks to  Mrs.Markel - German Chancellor.

Today Pope posted the same Human Values in American Congress by telling that immigrants has to be rendered Help and support for survival. This is great from Pope and we people on Earth are Ready to be with Pope on this Principle.  

similarly Pope said ,"Death Punishment " Has to be eradicated from Judgment. As a Human Being I strongly recommend this to Supreme court's in all Nation to arrange to Grace this with suitable Legal amendment's.Please. This is a Must why because we say that we are not savage's.

I wish to say that America and Congress had First Luck to have this Delightful and graced Morning with a great speech delivered by Pope Francis. Thanks to BBC world/ for this Live Telecast. Once again Putting the News First is proved!!!!.

My Regards to Mr.Pope Francis.

with love, .Good Luck to Human world.

Friday, September 18, 2015

BLOGGERWORLD: Indians Believed Mahatma Gandhi but He Believed Ja...

BLOGGERWORLD: Indians Believed Mahatma Gandhi but He Believed Ja...: My Dear Mr.Modi You are an asset to India,also You birth is at Gujarat the state where Mr.Mohandass Karam chand Gandhi born. But Due to U...

Indians Believed Mahatma Gandhi but He Believed Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Jinnah why?

My Dear Mr.Modi You are an asset to India,also You birth is at Gujarat the state where Mr.Mohandass Karam chand Gandhi born. But Due to Unknown/unpredictable  reason Mr.Gandhi did injustice though he was affectionate on India.His Last Days in Freedom fight on applying Non-Violence was looks like a Mystery or ridiculous.yes. I Continued this article post in my blog

During Freedom struggle  up to 15th August, 1947 many freedom fighters who followed the path of Mr.Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi also Popularly Known as Mahatma Gandhiji applying Non-violence were imprisoned and tortured on different manner and in last died in prison was the Indian History. 

for example Kappal Otiya Tamilan V.O.Chidambaram,Kodikatha Kumaran,Veerapandiya Kattapomman  Chekizutha chemmal ,Rani Laxmi Bhai and many from Maharashtra and many more from entire India/Hindustan  last their life is the History.  

Apart from this B.G.Tilak,Gopala Krishna Gokhale,sardar Vallabh bhai Patel , Subash chandra Bose also known as Nethaji,Sarwarkar and many more Freedom fighters were involved in the same Freedom fight sincerely and Honestly is available in the History. But Painful Matter in this is to Note is ,about these personalities/Freedom fighters/warriors  nothing printed available in School Books of Today is known to all aged Indians. why aged Indians are keeping quite on this?

It is presented or established only Mr.Gandhi and Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru  were worked for Freedom struggle in India is the Pathetic Situation we identify.This is not right.

Let me come to the Point! 
When Mr.Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi Reached India a very Big and great arrangement's to provide warm WELCOME were intensively sincerely and honestly done by Mr.Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the Indian History. 

In the entire Freedom Struggle Many Thousands of Indian Human Lives were dead.This is because of imprisonment and as Punishment  for working against British Government in India.

But One vital thing to Note is ,British Government Police,soldiers ,Governor Generals   who were Handled the situations in Freedom struggle were not at all disturbed Mr.Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. in imprisonment in first class jail  ,Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru wrote "Discovery of India" and Mahatma Gandhi did not had even a scratch by a small Needle in all imprisonment's for the revolution's /protests or on applying Non-violence is the most significant message to all Indian's or to the Human world on Earth.

Mahatma Gandhi supported Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah to become First Prime Minister of India coding following reasons for not to divide India .Reasons:
Mohammed Ali Jinnah got affected with Cancer.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah was severely affected with T.B.disease. SO Gandhi recommended Mr.Jinnah Name to become First Prime Minister of India!. And to Jawaharlal Nehru for the second Office  Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru Denied / Rejected this suggestion and secretly worked for dividing India because to become First Prime Minister of India.  A Power Monger!
 If,Gandhi Idea was accepted ,than today we people on earth can not witness a New Country in the Name of Pakistan - a Land part of India up to August 14th 1947.
 Mr.Jinnah was a beloved and sincere Congress man and beloved of Mahatma Gandhi and never argued or went against the principles of Gandhi was the History of India.
What made Mr.Jinnah to turn suddenly Muslim League as a Political Party and revolted for Pakistan “is still properly an unanswered question in the History of India to the world.

Above all When Mr.Mahatma Gandhi had said to Dissolve Congress which has not happen! Also, Why Mr.Mahatma Gandhi did attempted or Called Indians from Kashmir to Kanyakumari who were ready to do any thing for Gandhi to revolt against "Division of India" and against Mr. Nehru and Jinnah?
If Gandhi called the attention of Indians at that Moment/time to stop the division of India by a revolution than no Pakistan today and there could be no fight/Dispute at Border is also a truth to be accepted!
What Pressure made Mahatma Gandhi to go with Mr.Jinnah and Nehru in Dividing India?
Why, when, how all the Family Members of Mahatma Gandhi were left India? What is the secret reason for this exile or evacuation of Mahatma Gandhi Family Members? Today in the recent years we Indians could find a Grand son of Mahatma Gandhi as Governor in a state in India.

Who guided Mr.Jinnah to stop the support to Gandhi and to go for Violent Revolution demanding a separate Country Pakistan  by declaring Muslim league as a political Party suddenly was really a ridiculous message to all Indians!. 

Indians Believed Mahatma Gandhi but He Believed Jawaharlal Nehru and Mr.Jinnah why? 

Undissolved Indian National Congress with Mahatma Gandhi,Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel,Mrs.Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit(Aunt to Nehru) ,Morarji Desai and few other eminent Leaders become /made unpopular gradually. 

On 15th August 1947 Divided India got freedom.
in Prominent Leader's Mr.Mahatma Gandhi  shot dead on 30th January 1948. and at the end of 1948 Iron Man  Mr.Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was also Died.
All Others and History about them were also blocked from the Indian History ,or blocked to the knowledge of Children in India. 

Above all Mrs.Indira Priya darshini also Known as Indira Gandhi was only  Daughter  of Jawaharlal Nehru, But why and what pressure made  Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi also Popularly Known as Mahatma Gandhi (no way connected to Nehru Family)  allowed to use "Gandhi" as SurName by Mrs.Indira Priya darshini /Indira Gandhi was ridiculous and it is a mystery!!!. In my view it might be an exploitation to the world!.

Above all, a pathetic and Painful Issue to all Indians was Press and Media of that time were totally irresponsible and written/represented in all matters as "Mrs.Gandhi." 

Press and Media of that time Know well that Mrs.Kasthuri Bhai Gandhi was the only person can entitle to said as Mrs. Gandhi".
But Press and Media of that time in all their News Papers used to write as "Mrs.Gandhi"  to represent Mrs.Indira Priyadarshini was certainly a painful matter to all Indian's.

Above all, Both Mr.Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are qualified Barrister of Law.
But British Government paid much attention in providing life safety to these two Freedom fighters exclusively, and killed many Freedom fighters brutally. Why? What happened to Nethaji is not known to any one till date though responsible government by political parties ruled and ruling!. Once again it was like Monarchical form of administration than democracy. So Judiciary and Justice Denied or wrong justice given to Indians was the truth. 

Indians did not sold India to Nehru Family was the truth now started realized by all Indians. 

 Thanks to all People with Nationality feeling joined me by reading this post.